undiademsurlalune asked:
You should come down to New Orleans! I am impatiently waiting for your book to arrive in the mail :) you are so awesome!

Your book hasn’t arrived yet because I decided to drive down there to hand deliver it personally but my wheelchair ran out of battery about 12 miles from my house so I’m just sitting on the side of the road and no one is coming to help and I’m alone and scared please help.

ancientandroid asked:
I'm incredibly sad that I missed you when you came to NYC, as I was studying for an exam, but I can't wait to get a copy of your book. If you come back, I'd like to hunt you down and buy you a beer!

Next time! I had a beer at The Rye House while I was there. It was decent, but too pumpkin-y for my taste.

savannahsmilesxo asked:
Just started your book, and I'm already loving it! I'll leave a review as soon as I'm done. I love the engraved face on the cover under the dust cover:) Can't wait to read more!

Yayayay! Thank you! I’d jump for joy, but that wouldn’t end well.

LOOK UNDER YOUR CHAIR! (was it there? I took a leap of faith)

But on the real, it’s available pretty much everywhere books are sold. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., Indiebound, Powell’s, etc!

bigcitysmallworld asked:
I just read your book cover to cover. I started this morning and just finished. 8 hours well spent.

Those are eight hours that you can never get back, but I’m so glad that you spent them with me!

magime15 asked:
So I may have just re-read your book again in Starbucks and recommended it to not 2, not 4.... But 6 different individuals who all already think you're an inspiration. Thank you for everything bud 💜

It’s people like you who are going to really help my book get discovered by the world, and for that, I can never thank you enough. I appreciate your guerrilla Starbucks marketing efforts so fucking much. 

» TV Hangover: Jane The Virgin Star Justin Baldoni Dishes On His New Series & Passion Projects

My friend/lover Justin is about to become super famous because of his new television show! Check out this article to see all that he has going on AND read about the upcoming full-length documentary about the road trip I did last summer, which Justin is directing!

Speaking at @tumblr HQ in NYC!

rain-and-champagne asked:
I just read your entire book instead of doing homework, If I fail my midterms I'm blaming it on you. Tbh it was worth it, totally hilarious.

I take no responsibility for failed midterms! Hahaha no but I really appreciate your message and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Tell ya friends about it (assuming you don’t fail midterms and hate me forever)!

I have some FREE copies of the audiobook version of my book to give away! All you have to do is reblog this and I will pick three random winners! If you win I’ll send you a code to claim your free audiobook of Laughing at My Nightmare from Audible! Contest ends on Friday 10/24.

Healthy or unhealthy?

Sitting on Amazon, reloading the page every three minutes, waiting for reviews to come in on my book. Luckily, I haven’t slipped to this level of neuroticism yet, but the thought has flashed through my mind a couple times. I feel like a mama bird who is having a hard time letting go of her baby. 

Included in this video: hair dying, getting drunk, embarrassing stories, and a big announcement at the end.

We are currently filling up our calendar with speaking engagements for 2015! Sooo, everyone, please get in touch if you’d like us to come to your school to give our presentation on the power of positivity.

We’d like to set up a tour or two or ten :) 

unclarified asked:
Hi! I've been following you for a while, and I think you're hilarious. I just found out your visiting my school next month??!?! The university of Connecticut. I'm so excited!

I am! I’ll be giving a talk on humor and positivity on November 6th! It’s gonna be lots of fun so bring all your friends! 

Anonymous asked:
I'm definitely in love with you.

This is moving way too fast.