New York City Book Signing!

Hey, guess what?! I just found out I’ll be having a book signing/launch party at Books Of Wonder in NYC on October 16th at 6pm! This will be my first signing, so I’m really looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. I’ll do a short reading plus a little talk before the signing too! EEK! 

My book comes out in 49 days, but who’s counting? To say I am nervous is a wild understatement.

Laughing at My Nightmare: Let's do something awesome


 My latest article about finding positivity in dark times. Give it a read? 

Re-posting this for all of you who are just getting out of school.

Laughing at My Nightmare: Let's do something awesome

 My latest article about finding positivity in dark times. Give it a read? 

Amazon is doing this cool new thing and if you select Laughing At My Nightmare as your charity we will make some moooolah whenever you shop on Amazon!

Glad to say I am feeling a lot better! Thanks for your support the past few days.

It has been a long day and it’s only 3:20pm.

When you’re sick they’re not farts, they’re butt coughs.

Sickness Update 2k14

It was a long, feverish night, but I am feeling better today than I was yesterday. I will attribute my lack of sleep to the 800 cups of caffeinated tea that I drank yesterday. So far the cold has not moved to my lungs, which is muy bueno.  Thanks for your kind messages of healing and love and tips for curing colds (only some of which sound completely ridiculous and unsafe). 

Anybody want to be my nurse for the next few days? You basically just need to spoon feed me chicken noodle soup all day, but if you also want to gently stroke my head and tell me I’m your little prince, that will also help probably.

Woke up with a sore throat, so for the next 48-72 hours I will be chugging Emergen-C.

If that doesn’t work I will try a blood sacrifice (squirrel) to the Sun God.

If that doesn’t work, does anyone know how to use leeches?

Laying in bed with the windows open, listening to the crickets.


Kirkus said my book has “swagger.” Holy crap. :D

midwestfinesse asked:
Okay, so you showed up on my suggested blogs, and I was really confused because it was just a picture of you next to a girl in green, and I noticed you had really small shoulders. So, our of curiosity, I clicked the link and I definitely do not regret it. You're fucking hilarious, and now I'm about to have a new book to read. Right on!

My shoulders are not small. They are dainty and adorable. 

But on the real thank you for getting my book. I think you will very much enjoy it. And there’s like 18 shoulder pics for you to look at if you don’t feel like reading.