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At a recent concert in Sydney, Australia, Kanye West halted his show mid-performance to encourage everyone in the audience to stand up. By itself, this is harmless. But when he noticed two individuals who continued to sit, he made a huge deal out of confirming whether they were in fact disabled or not. 

"I can’t do this show until everybody stand up," he yelled. "Unless you got a handicap pass, and you get special parking and s—t."

"Is he in a wheelchair?" he asked pointing to that section of the arena.

"This is the longest I’ve had to wait," the rapper said. "Now if he’s in a wheelchair it’s fine. Only if he’s in a wheelchair."

The crowd booed at the delay, which you can’t blame them for, since nobody really knew what was going on. 

On one hand, I’d be honored to be personally called out by Mr. Yeezus. But at the same time I think this is a good time to note that we still have a long way to go towards making disability more mainstream. There are other reasons people can’t stand all the time besides being wheelchair confined.

I’m not condemning Kanye, I’m sure it was an honest mistake, but it’s an interesting story and something to think about today.

If you want to watch what happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De_1VKqNoLg

This is my cat Oreo. She is a princess.

She’s asking all of you to NOT pre-order my book because I say some not nice things about her personal life, and she is a pretty private kitty.

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I don’t like to brag, but I’m easily the most talented actor I know. 

Here’s another video update where I answer some provocative questions. 

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Another daily update on The Nightmare Challenge. This one featuring my sexy four-eyes look. 

Dear Mr. Victor,

Thank you for reaching out to me. Over the years, you have always been one of our best customers here at Shane’s Pillow Tank Fuel and Water Storage Emporium. The work you are doing in Haiti with your Pillow Tanks inspires all of us. You bring comfortable sleeping conditions to so many! Just last week your name came up in a sales meeting. I told my staff about the time you placed an order for the wrong size pillows and they jammed your tanks. Feathers everywhere! That picture you sent us will forever be one of my favorites. 

Anyway, I’m sorry to report that the Pillow Tank Fuel and Water Storage industry here in the States has been going through a rough spell. Government sanctions are making it difficult for us to keep our prices competitive. Because of this, we have recently been forced to make some price adjustments. I hope this will not cause you to take your business elsewhere. Like I said, you are one of our most valued clients. Here are the updated prices. You seem to be in a bit of a rush, so we will get your order processed and shipped as soon as I hear back from you. The shipping is on us this time, as an added Thank You. 

#0001A — Feather Pillow — $101.34/pillow

By weight a feather is as strong as titanium.  Feathers are nature’s natural spring, providing a high level of support.  The best feather pillows are the ones that use very small highly curled feathers.  You should never feel the quill through the cover.

#0023A — Memory Foam Pillow — $129/pillow

Memory foam is a comfort product. The product self-adjusts to body contours and reduces pressure on sensitive areas. A memory foam pillow is able to reduce tossing and turning. Today’s memory foam comes in many shapes and types to include fast and slow recovery. 

#0067A — Buckwheat Pillow — $89.99/pillow

A Buckwheat pillow should offer “hard” support and is made with the husks from seeds.

#0004A — Sleep Apnea Pillow — $200/pillow

Sleep apnea pillows are shaped to facilitate the tubes and wires that accompany sleep apnea machines.  They are made with polyester pillow fiber fill, foam and memory foam.  The feel and the height are key elements when choosing a sleep apnea pillow. 

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you today. Tell Bernice I said hello. I miss her apple strudel more than my own mother’s cooking. 


Shane Burcaw

Senior VP


The numbers are in!

In the 4 days since beginning The Nightmare Challenge to promote my new book, I have sold 167 books! That’s an amazing 41 books per day! These numbers were supplied to me by my publisher and take into account the 50 books that BSI Corporate Benefits bought to kick off the contest. 

I’m thrilled with these numbers so far, and you guys are only 83 books away from making me do the first challenge, The A Capella Music Video!

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Keeping my fingers crossed that Apple’s big announcement tomorrow is the iWheelchair, but I have a feeling I will be disappointed once again.

My hair is reaching that length where every time the wind blows I ~feel~ like:

But in reality, I probably look more like:

The Nightmare Challenge Update: Day 3

Well, judging only by the things I’ve seen in messages and emails and in comment threads, it’s looking like we will achieve the Music Video challenge level pretty easily. My publisher will be sending me updated numbers on Tuesday.

My grandfather reminded me today that I can’t sing, which is true, so it’s sure to be entertaining for all of you.

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The Nightmare Challenge UPDATE: DAY 2

More info: http://youtu.be/uwj0ONstroQ

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My friends are having a good time with The Nightmare Challenge.

The Nightmare Challenge UPDATE: DAY 2

More info: http://youtu.be/uwj0ONstroQ

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The Nightmare Challenge UPDATE: DAY 1

Warning: My vocals may cause you to feel a little dirty. Best if watched alone. 

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I am the voice of a generation.

The Nightmare Challenge UPDATE: DAY 1

Warning: My vocals may cause you to feel a little dirty. Best if watched alone. 

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