Market Research (New Idea)

A long time ago, I proposed the idea of making shirts with my blog name on them, as a way to help spread the word. I decided shirts were too expensive/complicated, but I have a new idea that I think will be 1000 times better and more awesome!


I want to make silicone (livestrong style) wristbands that say Laughing At My Nightmare!

There are 3 reasons I want to do this:

     1. To make some money for myself.

     2. To raise some money for SMA research. (I was thinking 50% of my profit will be donated to SMA research.)

     3. So we can all have awesome wristbands that everyone will be jealous of.

Here are two initial ideas I had for design:

The wristbands will be the same size as livestrong bracelets, but the text will be printed rather than engraved.

What do you think of these designs? Which one do you like more? Would you be interested in buying one? 

I was considering a price of $2.00 per wristband. Do you think this is a reasonable price? Too high? Too low?

Lastly, I was thinking about selling these through my ebay account, but I was wondering if you guys knew of any other methods for selling a bunch of items online? I can forsee shipping being a hassle, not necessarily that it will be expensive, because it shouldn’t be, but just physically taking them to the post office every time someone orders one. Shipping is the only challenge in my mind, but I’m not too worried about it.

What do you think?!?!?

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  3. love-the-stars-too-fondly answered: Good price and i like the PURPLE one :)
  4. addmynewtumblrplease answered: I think this is a really good idea, and I want one already :$ But I also think they should be like four or five dollars :o
  5. hotpinkandglitter answered: I like the purple & i would definitely buy one! (:
  6. gettingahealthybody answered: make one in brown and pink for the ladies <3. I think $2 is a pretty reasonable pricing, but for international readers like me, shipping
  7. kiss-my-freckle answered: I would buy some. I honestly think $5 each would be good. Reasonable shipping though.
  8. sparks-fly-k answered: i’d like to buy one:)
  9. theflavorofthemonth answered: I think it is such a great idea! I definitely want to buy one whenever they are released. You should look into maybe selling them on Etsy! :)
  10. mixedandmaladjusted answered: gotta get that purple shit, son!!
  11. untilwehavesometeethmarks answered: You could try selling products through Many people have made their own shops on there. Good luck! C: and the price seems good enou
  12. eggybab answered:!
  13. aliveornot answered: sounds great!
  14. laurenbrookeengle answered: I want
  15. thatthingyoulivein answered: I would drop the exclamation point.
  16. coffees-and-cats answered: I would post on them that you only ship on— and pick two days of the week. That way you can ship multiple orders at once.
  17. situationsare answered: I’d say $4 and set up a account. It’s free and links to a paypal account (just have to pay a paypal fee).Also,
  18. russkie69 answered: Purple is a color that’s been rather appropriated by the Gay community. It might confuse. I’d go with the other design.
  19. dovesflyfrommyheart answered: If you use USPS you can schedule the postman to pick the packages up with regular mail. Plus the packaging are flat rate prices.
  20. justputinanything answered: I like the blue. The price is fine
  21. angelingx answered: change the font? try the basic category from or some font that aren’t as bold. maybe include your tumblr in smaller font size?
  22. maeanalda answered: I would buy a dozen and give them to all of my friends! With shipping, if you use they will pick up at your house for outgoing mail.
  23. bigbaconbagels answered: I think its a good idea! Do it!
  24. w153rdplace answered: I want a black one with white font or a pink one!
  25. justkeepithonest answered: try My cousin uses it&I heard it’s pretty reliable. It’s made for people who want to do exactly what you are. &I’d TOTALLY buy one!
  26. heyjudeeee answered: I would definitely buy at least one :)
  27. paulpvm answered: purple and the price seems just right
  28. ankhesenamun answered: i like the blue ones, also check out etsy abd zazzle for selling things online,
  29. heavysunlight answered: i’d pay more than $2, personally, but i don’t know about everyone else. i’m thinking you could at least pull off $3. & i like the purple!
  30. gepandglitter answered: Id pay $2.00! do it
  31. delphux answered: Sounds awesome, bro
  32. poor--unfortunate--souls answered: I think you should make them in both colors so I can buy them both! :)
  33. shellisellsseashells answered: Do it!!! I would love one. And I think you could get more than $2, I have ones I’ve paid like $5 for, so at least go for $3! :D
  34. thereisalwayshopeinlife answered: Here’s a good site: I like both of them. You might get more money if you make both cause of more choices to buy.
  35. dancingzippper answered: Heyya! Could use half n half o each design so peeps could choose.Livin in BJ rite now n peeps r JUST happy2pay 10RMB for similar bracelets.
  36. mycrazyimagination26 answered: I think its a great idea :) i like both wrist bands, specially the one with blue and yellow, kinda reminds me of sunshine :) customer here!
  37. would-love answered: I would buy a bracelet, $2.00 seems like an okay price but since you’d be splitting the money between profit and research you could go higher
  38. watch7maker answered: Set up with amazon, they have something where you sell things in bulk. Also i suggest you simply mail them out every friday to save on trips.