If you’re squeamish, don’t watch this!

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  1. freeyourmind79 said: Dude, you do that like a pro! I would be gagging all over the place if I had to put a tube down my nose. You make it seem not bad at all though.
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  3. annierowson said: you should make more videos— you have a super chill speaking voice and your face ain’t too bad either =]
  4. hipsterhope said: you did so good! better than patients I see in the hospital!!!
  5. dopeshiz said: oh damn, you took that like a champ! ouch dude
  6. mariogeek57 said: I can barely handle getting a spaghetti noodle through my nose! A+ work, good sir.
  7. k0n0k0 said: wow.. must be really horrible when you know it’s time to put the feeding tube. I would be so mad if it was me.
  8. anniekousoulos said: you’re my hero
  9. maythegrohlbewithus said: omg it keeps on going :o
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    I would’ve ran.
  11. boringerik said: You are the fucking best man. If I was a at a Circa Survive show and you were standing next to fucking Anthony Green, I’d talk to you first before I talked to him.
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  13. solstitum said: why exactly cant they put it in through your mouth? i bet theres probably a simple reason but i dont know it
  14. mels-ness said: you’re. a. fucking. champ.
  15. trimichaelceratops said: YOUR SHIRT! I dig.
  16. littlewhitemonkey said: Felt a strong urge to pick my nose after watching that.
  17. linnjewell said: I don’t know if it’s possible to be proud of someone you have never met. But I am so fucking proud of you.