I Got Fired :(

Yup. ChaCha permanently terminated my contract because they felt I wasn’t answering questions to the standards they required. To be honest, I deserved it, but I was only getting paid half a fucking cent per question, so I felt their standards were not worth my effort. I’m kind of bummed because that was the only “real” job I’ve ever been able to do with my disability. I would really like to get a real job, because I like having money to spend on Taco Bell, but I have yet to find a job that does not require any physical activity. I can’t do any type of customer service because I’m kind of difficult to understand sometimes. I can’t type fast enough to do transcription. I tried prostitution, but that didn’t work out so well. I wish I had the balls to sit on the street corner and sing songs with a donation jar, because I’d make a killing if I did that. (Funny side note: my friends and I made $132 with a lemonade stand like 3 summers ago because people saw my chair and stopped out of pity.) I’m pretty much out of ideas.

Seriously though, do you have any ideas about how I could make some money/get a job?

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  3. annamolly1024 answered: do the lemonade stand again. sounds like it was a winner.
  4. ccanduc answered: Dude, it’s GOT to be writing. You’re the best!
  5. tangerinetrees said: Lots of companies will pay people a lot to fill out surveys, focus group type stuff. You could also look on craigslist for similar stuff!
  6. thatdudefromnewyork answered: 1. Get talented friends 2. Have them do/make stuff and sell it on the street 3. Stand next to them. 4. ???? 5. Infinite Profit
  7. justinedrums answered: Stand Up Comedy!
  8. adzecreative answered: Pimp out your brother.
  9. insomnialover answered: I’m sorry ChaCha fired you. I actually just got a job there because of you, and it sucks. half a cent, really? no ideas though :/
  10. littlebird2902 answered: have you ever thought of doing web design? then you could work from your home computer
  11. shestooemotional answered: I know there are plenty of other online corporations that are hiring. Google, for instance.
  12. iheartnomz answered: write a book! or do freelance writing for pubs/mags?
  13. jofirth answered: Does your brother play any instruments? If so, work up a “FOTC” style duo and write/perform songs. I bet you could write some funny lyrics :)
  14. ohmisterbird answered: You should put ads on this blog! check out google adsense or something
  15. onehundredandonethings answered: write freelance? you’re funny and smart. i know, easier said than done, but you might be able to find a magazine online
  16. circagirl answered: you said you were writing a book. authors can make a lot of money.
  17. shine-and-sass answered: I’ll send a message.
  18. kat-the-vampirebat answered: My mom was a secret shopper for a while. You go in stores or resturaunts and secretly make sure they’re doing their jobs/being polite, etc.
  19. i-must-consult-my-books answered: ticket taker at a movie theater.
  20. wanderlustandtethers answered: Copywriting /tech writing / documentation. It’s the field in which I work and fits your description. However, I have no leads.
  21. missmella answered: This may be weird for some people but try Craigslist maybe? You never know what people need out there. Just please be careful.
  22. anatomydork answered: you can try writing up your class notes and study guides for notehall.com
  23. fionafinnt said: Your book :) Sorry about your job though…
  24. emptyrefredgerator said: freelance writing fo sho. I’d read a column by you
  25. radishpatchkid answered: web design, editing, creating ads (flyers/pamphlets) for ppl all from the comfort of your home..anything design related should do. i think
  26. rslr answered: Amazon’s Mechanical Turk might have some decent gigs: mturk.com/mturk/w…
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    Ditto on the freelance writing, for sure. I’ve made about $500 writing here and there for various sites, mostly...
  28. pisutorutomoushimasu answered: maybe design websites? journalism idea sounds legit though.. :)
  29. rejuvenatedraggamuffin answered: journalism! maybe you could start your own column in the local newspaper or something.
  30. the-kitschmermaid-diary said: Book deal!
  31. lostonmiwayhome answered: Maybe try some kind of secretary job?? Someone out there will hire you
  32. g0blin11 answered: you ever think of selling stuff on ebay? my mom does it. she buys stuff, then sells it. she has her own bussiness going
  33. journeytobeauty-lizzie answered: Freelance writing? I mean, you’re obviously a good writer, and you enjoy it. Anything to do with writing, on your terms, really.